Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Ok so first thing on dis ting

well if ur gonna read this load of Balls that i talk..... well first thing, i prob won't spell anything too great and get mixed up wit text message speak and actual english so it may be hard to understand also i use really stupid words to explain things. Occasionally i also type with a Dundalk accent where they have never heard of 'th' an replace it with 'd' its a force of habit but be words like - dis, dose, dem, dat, der, demins, dosins well u work it out there is also the oop's forgot the 'h' so thats like tink but i dunno anymore ya get the idea.
Can't belive i just spent all that time explaining that oh jesus! i must sound really interesting, should turn this into bedtime stories yea so i'm just a dickhead in the sense of really fluffing annoyin! but if anyone in there right mind reads this haha fair play ta ye!  Duckiemeaw.

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