Wednesday, 1 September 2010

MY SHITTY CAT! i'm actually gon write bout my cat i'm so gay!

this is my shitty cat oh look waw! isn she soooo cute....NO she is a bitch! that is her sitting in my bed where she comes in my bloomin skylight window every mornin wakes me the fuck up then sits on my face and if the window isn open she sits on the window and it gets all dirty, then she spends lik a good two hours either trying to break in. If she is in she rips posters off my wall, an there she is lookin all innocent ffs! but awk love er really she is lik act such a fail of a cat aswell all these other cats are all able ta clib stuff and i saw one day her watchin this big fat stray cat climbing the metal fence on the field and she spent the next about two weeks trying to do it she eventually got there but still falls its lik her wee daily task thing to do, wish i was a cat!

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