Wednesday, 8 September 2010


i dunno what i was drinkin last night but fuck!!! i think someone hit my face cuz its really sore! an i have glass in my foot and my dress that was black and white is now red and black i think whatever i was drinkin last was burn cuz it was my m8's drink and i don't think any of it went in my mouth just down my front lol!! oh dear FAIL!!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Fail today 06.09.10

Emmmmmmm..... right well fail today well was a severely shitty day today weather-wise lik puddle city, and i actually had 2 go out of the house lik, its always sunny when u have fuck all ta do lol!....anw! yea so i got the wee bus at the bottom of the lane, got all sorted when i got out. kinda juggling wit tryin 2 smoke a feg and hold my super gay rainbow umbrella at the same time which is a challenge lik, seriously! need ta invent some better type of thing ta keep dry without lookin lik a dick aka..... poncho! its fine if everyone has one but u look lik a tourist in lisburn wit one of them. Back to the fail and its about my lovely umbrella i was lik a second away from the shitty mall and dryness. When next ting the thing goes caplumf!! inside out i whacked a wee granny up the face, blew about 4 a bit and stood in the street and tried 2 bend the spokes back together, while tuting and sighing and sayin sorry to the general public for the blummin drama!....poor wee lady! and then me drippin about on me own wit a shitty broken golf umbrella.*sigh* FAIL! 

Not as funny as the time me an my wee m8 wer in eason's and i was lookin at somethin at the bottom of the shop, and fell right over this woman's legs who 2 be fair 2 me. Was down on her knee's lookin at somethin. Who the fuck does that in a shop! but safe 2 say there was me on the floor and the people at the counter got a great laugh! :-) 

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Stuff! that is silly!

omg! right... my ex just text me there i haven heard anythin from him since april when it was a distressing situation lik but yea was about him gettin into the mens health mag lol! yea thats all well done an all fair play ta him! just think him trying to rub it in my face, is quite funny!
its really scary tho cuz see now all my close friends are in relationships and that hasn been the situation since i was lik 16 but its even more friends this time! Its pretty scary, i'm not sayin i want 2 be in one cuz they melt my head when not with the right person so that is all the time! i'm a crazy mental kinda run round all over the place but literally i have stopped goin round bein a dickhead wit guys, not that i did anythin hurtful to people cuz i'm not lik that but my big gay best m8 calls me deep wet wide filth lol it is a joke makes me sound diseased that does! ... but now may aswell be a nun! and i am actually very happy, just sometimes as i'm sure everyone feels at certain points rather lonely no-one has time 4 ya and anyone that wants to party an people ta hang out wit all live lik far away so as for now i'm jus gon have to be lik a third wheel everywhere meh! and god lik i'm not lookin a sympathy card or anythin here its just like reliving a time which will probably happen an awful lot in life the strangest feeling ever!..... yea now i'm getting on lik a girl, sound lik a twat so not me should not have watched eclipse last night fuckin twilight found myself identifying with jacob them movies are strange and boring tho and should probably be burnt like they did with rock music years ago an prob still do.......yea burn them all!!!

Fail! today!

well ok so what did i fail at the past few days emmmm... was babysittin last night and i locked the kittens down the stairs by accident an thought they wer in the wee room they were posed 2 go in an opened it this morning thinkin i had lost them when the two cats wer there lookin at me lik u are stupid! well that was pretty uneventful! there was prob stuff on thursday night that i did but tbh i don't even wanna go there lol!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Poem's About Cigarettes cuz i'm dyin 4 one!

you my dears will always be my favorite little feg you see,
no matter how i run astray,
i will pick you up another day.
when i get my money in
there you are with your silvery grin
but now for a while i have a hollow packet,
where you indeed used to lie.
I'll wait a while babe and there you'll be in my pocket just for me!

MY SHITTY CAT! i'm actually gon write bout my cat i'm so gay!

this is my shitty cat oh look waw! isn she soooo cute....NO she is a bitch! that is her sitting in my bed where she comes in my bloomin skylight window every mornin wakes me the fuck up then sits on my face and if the window isn open she sits on the window and it gets all dirty, then she spends lik a good two hours either trying to break in. If she is in she rips posters off my wall, an there she is lookin all innocent ffs! but awk love er really she is lik act such a fail of a cat aswell all these other cats are all able ta clib stuff and i saw one day her watchin this big fat stray cat climbing the metal fence on the field and she spent the next about two weeks trying to do it she eventually got there but still falls its lik her wee daily task thing to do, wish i was a cat!

Don En Know Why i'm Ammused By Dis!

This song is pritt old an pritt random but i'm just in love wit it today Ber ber der ber der der!