Monday, 6 September 2010

Fail today 06.09.10

Emmmmmmm..... right well fail today well was a severely shitty day today weather-wise lik puddle city, and i actually had 2 go out of the house lik, its always sunny when u have fuck all ta do lol!....anw! yea so i got the wee bus at the bottom of the lane, got all sorted when i got out. kinda juggling wit tryin 2 smoke a feg and hold my super gay rainbow umbrella at the same time which is a challenge lik, seriously! need ta invent some better type of thing ta keep dry without lookin lik a dick aka..... poncho! its fine if everyone has one but u look lik a tourist in lisburn wit one of them. Back to the fail and its about my lovely umbrella i was lik a second away from the shitty mall and dryness. When next ting the thing goes caplumf!! inside out i whacked a wee granny up the face, blew about 4 a bit and stood in the street and tried 2 bend the spokes back together, while tuting and sighing and sayin sorry to the general public for the blummin drama!....poor wee lady! and then me drippin about on me own wit a shitty broken golf umbrella.*sigh* FAIL! 

Not as funny as the time me an my wee m8 wer in eason's and i was lookin at somethin at the bottom of the shop, and fell right over this woman's legs who 2 be fair 2 me. Was down on her knee's lookin at somethin. Who the fuck does that in a shop! but safe 2 say there was me on the floor and the people at the counter got a great laugh! :-) 

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