Wednesday, 1 September 2010


well yea... so anyways i am a Fail,
 Its not even funny (but it is), i could tell u my whole life story and it is just one big entire fail. I did try to explain this to my ma the other day but she act don't get it at all lik, she was lik don't be putting urself down! an i was lik no its really funny! Actually the amount of things i fail at weather its like in life skills, falling, and oh god just a lot of stuff its all just happens to me lik but i'm not moaning i think its funny and maybe telling others about failing will ammuse someone so its not a fail and even if it fails to do that anyway its a fail so it makes no difference, This all came about when i made a new m8 called... well lets call him chicken Fillet, an yea well i was telling him bout me doin repeats in uni which i lik also failed an he was lik ha ha ur a FAIL but in lik a jokey way but yea anw that was funny, but then i was all lik that is a perfect word to describe me!! can all be summed up in certain instances so everyday i'm gonna post something i failed at on that day or before just cuz its funny!

well nothing interesting happened me at all today lik but k well i will start wit a major fail!! when i was 4 and just literally in the first week of primary school i had this little Mermaid lunchbox and well a few days into me going to school my mum realised that the wee sandwich box for the lunchbox was too big, (silly i-know)
.So we went to the big ass shop that we got it from an well from what i remember of that evening it was raining and cold as september generally is and yea well, i remember walking into the shop and next thing the vision of my mum falling on me. see when i was 4 i was lik a stick insect pretty much and what happened was my mum had fallen on my leg with her elbow, causing it to break so ok that was a fail 4 a lunchbox, but the weird thing bout it was. My auntie uncle and cousins then ended up coming over to see what the commotion was there i was there they wer lik wtf! it was all strage and surreal i mean i remember the ambulence and stuff and gettin to hospital, then when i was there them putting in a drip by going look at the pretty butterfly wtf! a green bit of misshapen plastic thats not a butterfly!
Yea next thing i wake up wit this bloody great big cast on sorta confused and well i was in hospital for like a week. Cuz i was so small when i started back in school and stuff i had to be in my pram, i was too small for crutches yea people thought the student teacher had a baby. Basically all i heard every break and lunch was can i push her, the trauma! See connecting with old primary school classmates all i got was 'the only memory of P1 i have, is u in that pram!' oh god! Fail!!! i mean i'm 19 now and i wish i could say that was my only fail in life but tbh it started b4 that i didn have hair till i was about 3 and running has been a difficulty since so yea in general not putting myself down i can do tasks i'm just a fail and proud of it!!! Duckiemeaw

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